Congratulations, YOU said YES!

We understand all women want to look their best and feel great on their wedding day but you don’t have to do this alone. The West Coast Nutritionists are here to help you.


We are sure that your head has been spinning with so many different concerns and ideas since your magical engagement. Before you even think about it!! 

We are here to support you to look and feel your best on the BIG day.
We know that as a bride, you are busy but also motivated to get the results you're after. 

As nutritionists we're going to get you results without sacrificing your skin, hair, nails, mood or pride.  No rainbows or unicorns here, we're serious about nutrition and it's worked for ALL our committed clients. The benefit of joining our program is the long term results you will gain. Our program includes 6 check-ins with one of us to tweak, customize and ensure you're on track to reaching your goals WAY before the wedding day.

Do you want to slim down & have glowing skin?

You’ve come to the right place! Here's how we'll help you lose those unwanted pounds

  • Nutrition

    Whether you want to lose 10 lbs or 50 lbs with enough time, you can accomplish what you desire. Simply counting calories or creating restrictions will never truly nourish you in a complete way. Learn easy strategies to incorporate into your daily busy bride life.

  • Bi-Weekly Phone Consultation

    We're here for you to help you embrace the relationship with food and create a healthy life you love! The West Coast Nutritionists will guide you through a weekly online program while also providing the accountability and trust you need to succeed through one-on-one 30 minutes bi-weekly consultations calls for the entire 12 weeks of Bride Body Blueprint.

  • Lifestyle Resources

    Weekly Course Content where you'll learn something new every week. We have a variety of resources such as, easy healthy recipes, grocery guides, glowing skin tips, bridal journal, meal plans plus sources in learning how to create your own meal plan.

Why choose West Coast Nutritionists Coaching?


  • A meal plan to help you get started

  • Strategies you will work on and incorporate into your daily life

  • Bi-weekly one-on-one consultations calls

  • Gain confidence through 6 specially created mini-modules (30 mins or less!)

  • Learn how to build your own meal plan and review it with your nutritionist

  • 6 one-on-one calls with your nutritionist to make adjustments or ask questions

  • Facebook support group, lifetime membership

  • Motivation to start losing weight for good

  • No guilting, no shaming, no judging

Here's what our clients are saying

Anna G. from San Diego, CA
Anna lost over 1 lbs per week

"This online program made an impact on my lifestyle by making me more aware of the food I am eating and of the portions that I should be consuming. My favorite part was learning about different aspects of nutrition and different tricks I can use when deciding what to eat and/or get when I am eating out." 
Anna lost over 1lb per week in our program.

Jessica . from San Diego, CA 
Jessica was surprised she was eating more and losing 2 lbs per week

"Within the first week I was getting hungry at the times I should be eating. I used to not get hungry and I would forget to eat, but as soon as I got the meal plan and started prepping I was always prepared and ready to eat. 

My little stomach Bloat disappeared within days, and I couldn’t believe it! Since nothing had worked in the past.

Even my grandmother is following the recipes and she feels great, and is super happy that it is not a diet but rather a healthy lifestyle!!"
Jessica lost over 1lb per week in our program.

Katie W. from Massachusetts
Katie has more energy than before and she's down 4 lbs in only 6 weeks

"I really loved the meal plans, they were really helpful. I liked eating more colours and more variety. The overnight oats are amazing. I used to skip breakfast. I feel so much better eating a full breakfast, I took the junk food out of my desk drawer!"

Elijah F. from Seattle , WA
Elijah lost 3 lbs in our 6 Weeks to Wellness Program 

"I was always tired, not wanting to work but now with eating more throughout the day; having breakfast specially, its boosting my energy."

How does a Virtual Nutritionist work?

  • Together we'll meet one-on-one virtually ( Skype, Zoom, FaceTime) or via phone calls bi-weekly to get you to your ideal weight in a sustainable and healthy way for your big day 

  • We'll discuss your goals and talk about a personalized plan

  • We'll developed a personalized meal plan structure for you based on your food likes and dislikes to fit your lifestyle and unique nutritional needs. 

  • No more guessing when it comes to the food on your plate. The 3 nutritionists in our team have developed strategies for brides dealing with all of the issues & stress that arise while planning your wedding day.

  • You'll not only achieve your goals by your wedding day, you'll also be looking fabulous for your honeymoon.

  • Something came up in between our session calls? Since there are 3 of us here at West Coast Nutritionists. You have unlimited access to us via email or Facebook. Have a question about a certain food or a label? Just message us for instant reply.


  • Where are the West Coast Nutritionists located?

    Hint hint! Yes, the West Coast but wait! Two nutritionists resides in San Diego, California and One nutritionists resides in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Where is the Program held?

    Currently, the West Coast Nutritionists offers Bride Body Blueprint nutrition program online plus accountability calls. They also host an Annual Wellness Workshop to gather the community and interact directly with clients.

  • Do I have to buy any products?

    Don't worry, we do not sell any products nor do we offer a magic weight-loss pill. No guilting, no shaming, no judging!! We are here to focus on creating long lasting results, through a developed program created by three professional nutritionists with science based nutrition focusing on whole foods. Think "your great grandmothers scratch cooking meets science-based nutrition."

  • What kind of results can I expect from the program?

    Results will vary on your level of dedication but the program is built for the commited students to lose between 1-2 lbs per week.

  • What does the online program include?

    The program includes 1 meal plan, the tools to build your own meal plan, 6 course modules and lifetime access to our private Facebook group where we will have weekly live broadcasts on different health and nutrition topics.

  • What does the meal plan look like?

    The meal plan consists of balanced meals and snacks for 5 days with a focus on fresh, whole foods. The plan also includes a breakfast option you can prepare the night before to save time!

  • Do I have to sign up by a certain date?

    We recommend that if you're thinking about making a positive change in your eating, that you just do it! It's for that reason that we've left the course registration open to fit your schedule. Don't wait too long, we have a capacity and will be putting registrants on the waitlist when we reach the max.

Discovery Session for Brides-to-Be

Book your 15 minutes session and let's chat to see if we would work well together regarding getting you WEDDING READY! This session is free of charge.

We are the West Coast Nutritionists

Known as the Three Nutritionists with One Mission

We are 3 nutritionists who work together as a health coaching powerhouse. We have created successful weight loss programs, nutrition & wellness workshops and collaboratively we have over 10 years of experience. Helping people like you is what we do and we can't wait to help you slim dow, fight fatigue & get that glowing superstar skin. We have different programs & our latest one is called Bride Body Blueprint. The program consists of weekly educational material while also providing the accountability and trust you need. West Coast Nutritionists will make sure you succeed through one-on-one consultation calls for the entire program.
We are the West Coast Nutritionists

Course curriculum

Bonus material

  • Snack Ideas e-book

    Simple snacks for a busy lifestyle while maintaining your body nourished.

  • Travel Tips

    Nutrition tips and food combinations to keep in mind when traveling.

  • Lifetime Access Facebook Group

    Private Facebook group where you have peer-support and access to 3 nutritionists if you have questions + Live Q&A through our private Facebook group & Weekly Facebook Live to keep you accountable to the content in the weekly module

One Time Investment

Investing with West Coast Nutritionists is an investment in yourself. Currently accepting brides for when the course opens on Feb 11th! Contact us for a discount to enrol your whole bride squad.

Turn Your Health Journey Dreams into Reality!

JUMP IN if you want lasting changes, glowing skin and are ready to commit to your health goals.


  • Talita Barnaby

    Nutritionist & Weight Loss Consultant

    Talita Barnaby

    After graduating from Nutrition school, Talita realized there are often times a disconnect when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle; we know what’s good for our bodies, but we don’t always act accordingly. Talita aims to mend the gap between knowing and doing, by catering to each individual's unique circumstances.
  • Megan Lacoste


    Megan Lacoste

    Megan believes that we can all acheive balanced nutrition through education and hard work. On top of her Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health, Megan has studied weight loss and weight management with expert dietitians in the field. Megan strives to de-stress and simplify nutrition for each of her clients through small sustainable changes.
  • Marianna Meneses


    Marianna Meneses

    Marianna understand that in today's world, everyone is busy and in a hurry. Marianna aims to simplify healthy eating by introducing mindfulness. Marianna obtained her A.S in Nutrition & Food, and has worked along professional individuals in the field.


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